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Name: Brian Richard Pauw
Age: 33
Birthday: January 5th
Institute: National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan.

My GPG key is here. Me squinting

My resume is here (last updated Nov. 2014).

My online publication list is here.

Summarius Curriculum Vitae:

I am a SAXS expert, developing advanced applied metrological methodologies for small-angle scattering. Currently, I am employed as a permanent researcher at NIMS in Japan.


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  1. Kang Sung Chol's Gravatar Kang Sung Chol
    2011/01/16 - 23:19 | Permalink

    Thank you for your important information on SAXS.

  2. 2012/08/25 - 18:07 | Permalink

    Dear Brian, here Maria, thanks for setting up this page. I’m also Postdoc, I’m started a project that requires SAXS measurements. I’m new in this field and I’m hight motivated, I wonder if you know about tutorials specific that could help me, I wanted to attend a course but unfortunately I got the information with more than 3 weeks delay. Any way, I have an Anton Paar machine and the sorftware related to this company, they don’t offer tutorias. My needs are regarding nanoparticles in liquid, this nanaoparticles are zeolite precursors, I’m working with two types of organic molecules, one simple TPAOH and the other is a surfactant which behave not sure, first I need to find out the form, ly supervisor thinks that it is between lamilar and cilinder, that is tufff, any idea about tutorias that would help me?

  3. 2014/08/12 - 09:47 | Permalink

    Dear Brian
    I’m really impressed by you work especially the live FFT !I have a huge respect for your work ! It’s something amaizing ! Actually i’m have a degree on embaded sytems and signal processing .Iwas working on discret fourier transform i want realy to talk about it ….and you give inspiration so think you !

  4. Pedro Molina's Gravatar Pedro Molina
    2015/01/14 - 06:06 | Permalink

    Dear Brian,
    I’m a regular visitor of this weblog and I’ve got to say that it’s really good. I’m a novice in this SAXS business and I’ve found many of your posts interesting and informative.
    I’m doing research now on inorganic materials in solution and in the solid state. We have a SAXS instrument here and my PI has been working with SAXS and those materials for a number of years. However, I’d like to do my own reading and learn the basics (and beyond) on the subject. What are the best books/papers/other resoruces available for me to start? Maybe I could have a list similar to the one you prepared for Maria.
    Thanks in advance. I’ve just bought a Mac so I’ll be installing the live FFT in it soon to play around with the software!

  5. 2015/01/19 - 11:18 | Permalink

    Dear Pedro,

    Welcome to the field! I hope you will find it interesting, and please ask any scatterer any questions.
    Unfortunately, there is no good, thorough introduction to SAXS. I tried to introduce it a little bit in my “Everything SAXS”-review paper (open access), but I do not know how well that worked (let me know if it was useful to you). I’m trying to flesh that out in the new book, but unfortunately there is not yet all that much in it yet.

    I think there is a lot of useful introductory information in the videos I made, so that would be my first advice. Other than that, if you have the chance, just play around with your instrument to measure all kinds of stuff (paper, leaves and such, but also water and nothing and capillary to see how the instrument behaves).

    Also, I recommend getting a calibrated glassy carbon sample from Jan Ilavsky, so you can measure a strong scatterer and compare it to the calibrated curve!



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