Combination found in Japan.

canSAS-8 meeting announcement.

2015/03/10 Brian Pauw 0

There is a very important meeting coming up soon for all those who dedicate themselves to excellence in small-angle scattering, and I for one, am […]

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Update tomorrow

2014/09/08 Brian Pauw 0

Dear readers, unfortunately, my video recording for this week needs a bit more editing than I had spare time for today. It’ll be done tomorrow. […]

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Monday post delayed

2014/07/27 Brian Pauw 0

Dear Scatterers, Monday’s post will be delayed as I will be travelling to the Denver X-ray Conference. I didn’t manage to finish it in time […]

Data corrections implemented up to now (green) out of total listed in "Everything SAXS"-paper.

1/2 – year update

2014/06/16 Brian Pauw 0

Indeed, we are already prety much halfway through the useful part of 2014, considering the latter half of December is a globally recognised period for scientific […]

One of the catalyst materials synthesized from gelatine, in which the porous "foam-like" structure is clearly visible.

Green catalysts from pigs!

2013/10/07 Brian 0

This news has also been covered by Birmingham University, Martin Hollamby and The Schnepp Group, and may appear in other news outlets soon. [update: like at,, the […]

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Slight delay.

2013/07/15 Brian 0

My apologies for not having a post ready this week, I wanted to post about instrument alignment and how amazingly well it works, but it […]

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