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Refreshing the imp

2015/05/19 // 0 Comments

During the daytime, I am spending most of my time getting the new detector to work somehow (strange problems abound). In the evenings, however, I am preparing for more remote [...]

Coherence in practice

2015/04/21 // 0 Comments

During last week’s CanSAS meeting, I showed some new results on the coherence story. These appear to support the concepts raised earlier quite [...]

New theme

2015/04/19 // 1 Comment

Dear readers. I felt the old theme, “Redline”, had not seen an update in too long a time. After searching for a while I found this new theme. Let me know if you like it or not; changing back is always an option. The header image still needs to be changed, and I hope that with later posts the post images will be scaled better to the post. If anyone can recommend a better theme, please let me [...]

CanSAS day 1

2015/04/14 // 0 Comments

Today was the first day of the CanSAS meeting (the eighth) held in Tokai this time. Apart from meeting amazing people, I also got the chance to present about the modular data corrections approach (so far no negative opinions), listen to some amazing lectures on data corrections and discuss about corrections as [...]
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