Sorry for the delay

2010/12/10 Brian 0

Hi all, Sorry for the big wait. It is not over yet, but I am working on it. More posts hopefully soon although I cannot […]


Quick update

2010/06/05 Brian 0

Hi all, I am not abandoning you, I am merely in the middle of a string of four experiments divided over three beamtimes in an […]


New WordPress

2009/09/21 Brian 0

After too much time, I have finally upgraded to a newer version of wordpress. Previously I had some issues during writing, so that it did […]


Clear Presentation Initiative

2008/11/18 Brian 0

Hi, I’m starting the “Clear Presentation Initiative”, as a movement to improve presentation skills in science. I will be posting more here about this soon.  Cheers! 


Updates coming soon

2008/05/14 Brian 0

Hi all. I needed some time to get back on my feet after the HERCULES course. I’ll be posting updates soon! 



2008/02/21 Brian 1

I’m at the HERCULES course at the moment, which is a five-week course at the ESRF (one week is spent at the Soleil synchrotron) on X-Ray and […]

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