Sorry for the delay

2010/12/10 // 0 Comments

Hi all, Sorry for the big wait. It is not over yet, but I am working on it. More posts hopefully soon although I cannot promise a topic. Might be videos, but maybe also the monte-carlo code. The Monte-Carlo thing is almost ready to go, just some documentation left to write. It has become a slow bugger by now, but if you have a fast computer, you have nothing to worry about ;). Limitations: You need good data. and I mean thousands of counts. Millions, if you have them. Also, it only works for dilute, spherical systems. God, I feel like a physicist now… Anywho, for that, it works and it retrieves all information present in your scattering pattern. Check again soon and I may have it up here. And I hope there is a publication to follow as well, as we have to keep the numbers up in this climate. Oh, and if you wonder about my current writing style… I must admit, I have been overdosing on Transmetropolitan


Quick update

2010/06/05 // 0 Comments

Hi all, I am not abandoning you, I am merely in the middle of a string of four experiments divided over three beamtimes in an almost consecutive span of 10 days, which required preparation and lots of catch-up sleep in between. I have something useful coming up soon, and a publication in print as well, which I’ll be happy to share with you once it is out (August). Yours sincerely, Brian.


TED is coming to Europe this summer!

2010/02/27 // 0 Comments

Good news for all of you keeping up with current affairs in the worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design: There is a TED conference coming to Europe this summer! So if you are unwilling to travel to the US, you can now travel to the UK instead, and join the conference from 12-16th of July in Oxford. Registration and information available here: I probably will not be able to convince my boss that this is a conference I need to attend, and I’ll be in Japan that time, so I think I may unfortunately have to miss it due to a lack of funds. But for all of you that are going, let me know how it was!


A successful 2010 to all of you!

2009/12/31 // 0 Comments

During the past few months I have defended my thesis successfully and I have started work as a post-doc at Aarhus University working on SAXS studies of reactions under supercritical conditions. I will update this website in 2010 as well, so keep tuning in! I wish everyone a very successful (and fun) 2010!


HERCULES 2010 registration open

2009/10/08 // 0 Comments

Hello everyone, I’d like to draw your attention to a course I would recommend to any ph.d. student using neutrons or X-rays. I’ve had good fun during this course, and learned a lot, so I’d recommend anyone to apply for this:


New WordPress

2009/09/21 // 0 Comments

After too much time, I have finally upgraded to a newer version of wordpress. Previously I had some issues during writing, so that it did not easily understand paragraph breaks, I hope that’s finished now. In other news, I am only 9 days away from handing in my thesis. The name of the website may change after that, but since I’ll still be working on SAXS, it’ll certainly continue. If you have any suggestions for content or just to say hi; drop a comment below! B.


Clear Presentation Initiative

2008/11/18 // 0 Comments

Hi, I’m starting the “Clear Presentation Initiative”, as a movement to improve presentation skills in science. I will be posting more here about this soon.  Cheers! 


Updates coming soon

2008/05/14 // 0 Comments

Hi all. I needed some time to get back on my feet after the HERCULES course. I’ll be posting updates soon! 



2008/02/21 // 1 Comment

I’m at the HERCULES course at the moment, which is a five-week course at the ESRF (one week is spent at the Soleil synchrotron) on X-Ray and Neutron techniques. So far, my impressions are very positive. The lectures are excellent, the topics interesting, and there’s certainly a high information density there, with about 6 hours of lectures per day. There is also ample opportunity to meet fellow (“geek”) students, from a broad range of backgrounds working on a wide range of topics. They are by far the most well-behaved bunch of students in the lecture rooms I’ve seen so far…Thus far we’ve had introductory lectures about optics, detectors, crystallography, and more general aspects of X-Ray and neutrons. We’ve also been inside the ILL neutron reactor, as well as the ESRF. Over the next weeks, the more tailored programmes start and thus we’ll split up to follow different lectures going more in-depth into techniques, optics and the likes.  All in all, I’d recommend anyone who is able and interested, to sign up for this course.

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