DXC review

2014/08/04 // 0 Comments

The Denver X-ray conference was quite excellent, mostly becauase of the people to talk to during the coffee breaks and the dinners (as always, there should be more of these and longer!). Here’s my quick review of the conference:


Paper highlight, Madrid meeting and Detector electronics

2013/05/13 // 0 Comments

A few things came up in the last two weeks which may be of interest. Firstly, I will be in Madrid for a magnesium alloys conference next week Tuesday to Friday. If anyone wants to meet up there, please let me know through e-mail (check the “about” page), message below or send me a direct message on Twitter (@drheaddamage). Then there was a paper which made me quite happy…


Conference plan and a new poster…

2013/04/02 // 0 Comments

A day later than planned, but here’s another post. I am planning to speak at the TMS Magnesium Workshop Madrid 2013, some time during the conference lasting from May 21 to May 25. During this conference I will be focusing on the results we obtained for ex-situ and the preliminary in-situ results studying the growth of precipitates in MgZn alloys. Naturally, I will be heavily plugging SAXS and the MC analysis methods. If you are in Madrid or at the conference at that time and want to meet, please leave a message. Secondly, For a recent conference I had the chance to make another poster…


Talking at SAS2012

2012/08/21 // 0 Comments

I heard not too long ago that my talk has been accepted, so I will be speaking at the November SAS2012 conference in Sydney! Please come and take a look, I will be talking about the analysis of anisotropic (2D) scattering patterns, the teaser video of which is here. See you all in November!


Going to Barcelona, anyone interested?

2012/07/26 // 0 Comments

Just a quick post with just a question (I have another video planned on the status of the Bonse-Hart instrument, but have not had the chance to record it yet) I will be in Barcelona in the beginning of September. Would anyone be interested in meeting me or hearing me speak on small-angle scattering? If so, please drop me an e-mail to the address listed here:  


IUMRS-ICEM conference, Sept. 23 in Yokohama

2012/04/02 // 0 Comments

If you are doing SAXS-y or SANS-y things to metals, or are just interested in the technique or meeting some very good people: come and present at the IUMRS-ICEM 2012 meeting in Yokohama. I promise it will be good! “Our” session is session D-8, and the deadline for abstract submission has been extended until the 17th of April. Abstracts only have to be one page long, so the barrier of entry remains low (apart from the quite sizable conference fee, that is). See you in Yokohama in September!


Presenting for Scientists – video

2012/01/15 // 1 Comment

If you give bad presentations, you can kill people. If you want to find out why, and get some tips on presentation techniques (the ones I use, anyway), you can watch this video I recorded recently. ( )  Comments are always welcome!


Join the SAS session at the MRS-J conference in Yokohama, Japan! (19-21 December)

2011/09/12 // 0 Comments

There is an upcoming conference in the Japanese city of Yokohama, mere minutes from Tokyo. At that materials research society conference, one particularly fine international session is dedicated to small-angle scattering (SAS). Last year, this SAS session was small but with a good atmosphere and many interesting talks. This year, amongst others, dr. Ilavsky from APS will be giving a talk on data analysis techniques for small-angle scattering. If last year offers grounds for foresight, the session is convivial, the dinner afterwards excellent, and the weather fantastic in a beautiful town (for Japanese standards). So, If you have the time, do drop by this session, join the talks and share your knowledge! More information and registration opportunities can be found here:   You can also leave a comment or drop me a line if you need more information.