The making of… a SAXS presentation

Over the last few weeks, I have been working mostly on preparing presentations. It’s not just for the upcoming fun European Tour, but I also gave a 30-minute presentation for a selection committee. This is a part of the application procedure for a permanent position here (though the application process won’t be finished for a while yet), so it was kind of important to get it right.

To shed some light on how to go about preparing one of these presentations, I thought I would deviate this week from the normal SAXSy topics to explain the process I go through when setting the application talk. Read More


Conference plan and a new poster…

A day later than planned, but here’s another post.

I am planning to speak at the TMS Magnesium Workshop Madrid 2013, some time during the conference lasting from May 21 to May 25. During this conference I will be focusing on the results we obtained for ex-situ and the preliminary in-situ results studying the growth of precipitates in MgZn alloys. Naturally, I will be heavily plugging SAXS and the MC analysis methods. If you are in Madrid or at the conference at that time and want to meet, please leave a message.

Secondly, For a recent conference I had the chance to make another poster… Read More


Talking at SAS2012

I heard not too long ago that my talk has been accepted, so I will be speaking at the November SAS2012 conference in Sydney!
Please come and take a look, I will be talking about the analysis of anisotropic (2D) scattering patterns, the teaser video of which is here.

See you all in November!


Going to Barcelona, anyone interested?

Just a quick post with just a question (I have another video planned on the status of the Bonse-Hart instrument, but have not had the chance to record it yet)

I will be in Barcelona in the beginning of September. Would anyone be interested in meeting me or hearing me speak on small-angle scattering? If so, please drop me an e-mail to the address listed here:



Talk with your hands – instructional time-wasting video link

It has been a while since posting about presentation techniques. This time the post remains short. If you are preparing for your SAS2012 or IUMRS-ICEM presentation, and you are looking for that little bit of additional zest to keep your audience awake…

Talk with your hands! Italians are well-known for their gesturing during their presentations and discussions, but other nationalities may have more trouble gesturing and therefore remain completely monolithic during a 15-minute talk. This has at least two drawbacks, firstly that you are tensing up during your presentation as you are getting tired from standing in the same position all the time. The second is that the message you are trying to convey may not have as much power as it would have were it punctuated by appropriate arm waves.

For those in need of either a few minutes distraction or a demonstration of supporting arm-gestures during talking, check out this video from the “rap news”-series . Additionally, that video contains some cultural information on the country where the big SAS conference will be held later on this year. Enjoy!


Live Fourier Transform for Windows

[Ed: a new, completely rewritten version of this code can be found here, with a precompiled Windows version available at the bitbucket site courtesy of Joachim Kohlbrecher]

Since entering paternity leave, I have had little time to come up with something new to post here. However, one colleague was so kind as to send me his Windows version of the live fourier transform program discussed before. His runs on his Lenovo laptop (but may be more widely applicable) and uses the Windows built-in Matlab webcam code. Framerates are markedly better than my OS X code, but memory requirements are significant and reinitialisation of the camera every few seconds generates a flash.

The code is available here, with many thanks to Jakob R. Eltzholtz for making his code available. If you have suggested improvements or changes, please do not hesitate to contact Jakob and/or me.