Talk with your hands – instructional time-wasting video link

2012/06/07 // 0 Comments

It has been a while since posting about presentation techniques. This time the post remains short. If you are preparing for your SAS2012 or IUMRS-ICEM presentation, and you are looking for that little bit of additional zest to keep your audience awake… Talk with your hands! Italians are well-known for their gesturing during their presentations and discussions, but other nationalities may have more trouble gesturing and therefore remain completely monolithic during a 15-minute talk. This has at least two drawbacks, firstly that you are tensing up during your presentation as you are getting tired from standing in the same position all the time. The second is that the message you are trying to convey may not have as much power as it would have were it punctuated by appropriate arm waves. For those in need of either a few minutes distraction or a demonstration of supporting arm-gestures during talking, check out this video from the “rap news”-series . Additionally, that video contains some cultural information on the country where the big SAS conference will be held later on this year. Enjoy!



2012/04/23 // 0 Comments

(just a quick post about interesting things to keep the blog alive. More interesting developments are afoot, I hope to be able to post about them shortly) I suspect that all of the readers here are familiar with the wonderful resource of fascinating talks that is TED.  Yesterday, a group of people had their first meeting for setting up a TEDxTsukuba event. We are planning to hold the event early July in the center of the city we are in. It is going to be small, partly due to TEDx rules which allow only 100 people to attend. I will give another shout out about this as soon as there is a website for the event, and then I will talk about it no more (rest assured). If you are interested in helping out, please leave a comment or drop me a line!