DXC review

2014/08/04 Brian Pauw 0

The Denver X-ray conference was quite excellent, mostly becauase of the people to talk to during the coffee breaks and the dinners (as always, there […]


Notes on Guinier

2011/01/02 Brian 2

…well, his famous SAXS analysis method. This documentGuinier_short, copyright Brian Pauw gives a short description and review of the applicability of the Guinier method to […]


Bayesian Inverse Fourier Transforms

2010/03/31 Brian 0

Although I cannot say I completely grasp the underlying theory, the Bayesian approach to the Inverse Fourier Transformation of (isotropic) small-angle scattering patterns certainly appeals […]


SASFIT software

2009/10/15 Brian 0

The famous question of the uninitiated in small-angle scattering is: “Do you have a bit of software which will give me an answer from my […]

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