Nature Chemistry publishing on Martin’s Magical Molecules

Martin working hard at NIMS.

The long wait is over! A new publication is out, this one written by Martin Hollamby over the course of three tough years. For those who haven’t seen his one-minute intro video, Martin is investigating the behaviour of molecules in solvents. In his excellent paper, he shows how his range of molecules can self-assemble in (hydrophobic) solvents to form a variety of shapes and forms.  Read more »


Guest post by Dr. Jan Ilavsky: Meet an Ultra-scatterer!

Ilavsky at the beamline II

[ED: I've started asking around for guest contributions for the LookingAtNothing site, in order to provide a broader view of the SAS-related activities than I could ever hope to achieve by myself. Our second guest to talk about his work is Dr. Jan Ilavsky of the Argonne National Laboratory.]

Maybe you heard my name, Jan Ilavsky, perhaps in association with Ultra-Small Angle Scattering (USAXS) instrument, Irena or Nika software packages, or in relationship with Glassy Carbon absolute intensity standard? We will get to each of these in a few lines, but in order to understand me, you need to understand my history. Read more »


On tour

Dear reader,

In a few moments, I will be boarding the flight to Europe for the whirlwind SAXS tour and diamond experiments. I will post during and about the trip, so posts should appear with irregular timing on this site, so check frequently!

feel free to stop me for a coffee as well!

regular programming will resume in two weeks.


The making of… a SAXS presentation

Over the last few weeks, I have been working mostly on preparing presentations. It’s not just for the upcoming fun European Tour, but I also gave a 30-minute presentation for a selection committee. This is a part of the application procedure for a permanent position here (though the application process won’t be finished for a while yet), so it was kind of important to get it right.

To shed some light on how to go about preparing one of these presentations, I thought I would deviate this week from the normal SAXSy topics to explain the process I go through when setting the application talk. Read more »