Coherence in practice

2015/04/21 // 0 Comments

During last week’s CanSAS meeting, I showed some new results on the coherence story. These appear to support the concepts raised earlier quite [...]

New theme

2015/04/19 // 1 Comment

Dear readers. I felt the old theme, “Redline”, had not seen an update in too long a time. After searching for a while I found this new theme. Let me know if you like it or not; changing back is always an option. The header image still needs to be changed, and I hope that with later posts the post images will be scaled better to the post. If anyone can recommend a better theme, please let me [...]

CanSAS day 1

2015/04/14 // 0 Comments

Today was the first day of the CanSAS meeting (the eighth) held in Tokai this time. Apart from meeting amazing people, I also got the chance to present about the modular data corrections approach (so far no negative opinions), listen to some amazing lectures on data corrections and discuss about corrections as [...]

Following quantum dot growth with McSAS

2015/03/31 // 0 Comments

Thanks to Benjamin Abécassis (via Twitter), I got involved in an interesting project. Dr. Abécassis and coworkers had been doing in-situ measurements during synthesis of quantum dots, and were using McSAS to analyse their data. That allowed them to figure out what mechanistic models are unlikely to be valid for this synthesis and highlight one which is consistent with the measurements. This post is open to read and review on The [...]

…And then the assembly

2015/03/24 // 1 Comment

Today we had the new X-ray source arriving. It’s not working yet, but its imminent arrival spurred me into action to mount the Ultra-SAXS components in place and do some minor [...]

canSAS-8 meeting announcement.

2015/03/10 // 0 Comments

There is a very important meeting coming up soon for all those who dedicate themselves to excellence in small-angle scattering, and I for one, am very excited about this one. The canSAS-VIII meeting is full of interesting people giving interesting talks, complemented by plenty of (friendly) discussion sessions that are going to clarify the heading of the data reduction [...]

Calculating scattering by hand – example 1

2015/03/03 // 0 Comments

Those who read the older SAXS literature will note liberal use of Fourier transforms to calculate the scattering behaviour of odd-shaped particles. Likewise, the effects of smearing due to (for example) beam shape (think “blurring” of the scattering pattern) can be easily determined using such transforms. It is useful to get a feel for the methods for derivation of such Fourier transforms, so I decided it was time to refresh my rusty Fourier transform [...]
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