Drawing after discussion. Note the added cross-sectional view.

Part design workflow

2016/09/06 Brian Pauw 0

This week, I want to talk a bit about the workflow I have in place for designing instrumentation parts. With the USAXS instrument nearly completely […]

No Picture


2016/08/16 Brian Pauw 0

Dear readers, My apologies, I haven’t got any post ready! I’ll have to skip this week and give you an IOU. Next week there will […]

But only on the good days...


2016/08/10 Brian Pauw 0

I’m on holiday for a week, so here’s a picture of what I’m doing on my off days!

The new "Data Settings"-tab

Upcoming McSAS features

2016/07/19 Brian Pauw 0

Since the last publication on McSAS, we’ve been working hard on improving the structure and features (i.e. invisible and visible improvements). This beta version is […]

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