Nomadic small-angle scatterers: a moving tale

2015/06/16 // 12 Comments

It has been over five years since we set foot in Japan, and what an interesting time it has been!. We decided, however, that it is high time to try another country. We will be moving to Berlin, where I will take up a position at the Bundesanstalt fur Materialforschung und [...]

Investigations: the case of the incorrect transmission factors

2015/06/02 // 0 Comments

During the CanSAS meeting, a few comments pointed to the correct definition of transmission factor: “The ratio of the transmitted beam, plus the scattered and diffracted radiation, to the incident beam”. For SAXS experiments (but not Ultra-SAXS), we usually smile at that italicized part and wave it off as a small effect. But we may get ourselves into trouble with strongly scattering [...]

Refreshing the imp

2015/05/19 // 0 Comments

During the daytime, I am spending most of my time getting the new detector to work somehow (strange problems abound). In the evenings, however, I am preparing for more remote [...]

Coherence in practice

2015/04/21 // 0 Comments

During last week’s CanSAS meeting, I showed some new results on the coherence story. These appear to support the concepts raised earlier quite [...]

New theme

2015/04/19 // 1 Comment

Dear readers. I felt the old theme, “Redline”, had not seen an update in too long a time. After searching for a while I found this new theme. Let me know if you like it or not; changing back is always an option. The header image still needs to be changed, and I hope that with later posts the post images will be scaled better to the post. If anyone can recommend a better theme, please let me [...]
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