Some software I have published before on this site now conveniently concentrated on one page.

New Live Fourier Transform program. [git repository], [windows binary], [youtube demonstration]Related post:991

McSAS: form-free size distribution retrieval from small-angle scattering patterns! (Git repository)
Related post:665

DEPRECIATED, NEWER VERSION ABOVE: Live Fourier Transform program for use in presentations.
Related post:339

saxsfit (for lack of a better name) with example functions and example data. softwaremanual_SAXSfit
Related post:176

perfectpattern_ellipsoids.msoftwaremanual_ppsph_ppell Updated 2011-18-01.
Related post:164

perfectpattern_spheres.msoftwaremanual_ppsph_ppell Updated 2011-18-01.
Related post:164

superellips-of-revolution scattering pattern simulator
Related post:64

equal intensity binning routine
Related posts:76 and 98

binning_weighted code
Related posts:90 and 98

bessel_li_gross, a quicker approximation to the Bessel function
Related posts:101 and 105


6 thoughts on “Software

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  2. Dear Uri,

    Thank you for your message. I don’t have a page listing analysis software, though. This page here is just listing the software projects I am or have been involved in. I also do not think I have the opportunity to test X+ as it seems to require Windows.

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